July Favourites & Kylie Jenner mirrored Snapchat sunglasses

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Hope ya’ll had a great weekend and it’s a new week so do whatever you want!!

New video for you today to start off this week and also a new month!


So I thought I would share with you my current favourites!

I show you mainly makeup favs but also some new fav sunnies! they’re so similar to the sort after Kylie Jenner mirrored snapchat sunglasses! if you don’t follow her on Snapchat……! I am literally obsessed!

I believe her actual ones are the Dior “Technologic” but lets be real who has that kinda money to blow on Sunglasses like this! don’t get me wrong I WANT them! lol but I WANT everything!!!!! haha So I have found an amazing alternative!

If you follow me and my site, you will know already I sell Sunglasses on here, as I am so addicted to them! I asked my warehouse to try and get these similar sunnies and they came through! SO currently I have not ordered stock of these as I wanted to see if you guys like them first, I am sure you will! but let me know if you do and I will get some A LOT in stock, so you guys can pre order them : )


Here are some pics of the Sunnies from my Instagram and then see below full video including everything I have been loving!!

KJ glasses

As you can see I have the glasses in two shades – Silver and like a Rose gold! <3


Thanks so much for viewing, have a GREAT week!

And let me know in the comments if you want these glasses!

(if you would prefer to direct email me then thats fine – info@tashietinks.com)




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