How to do Black Hand Henna

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SO first of all… IM BLONDE! EEEEKKKKKK I have said I wanted to do it for a while so I had a F**K IT moment and went for it!

I filmed the whole process so it should be up next week hopefully!

SO back to this video! You know if you have followed me for a quick minute that I LOVE doing Black hand temp tattoos! I am calling it this as everyone knows it as Black Henna but I don’t actually use black henna as this is apparently bad for you, I don’t know why but it just is! I use a natural product called Jagua Ink, if you google it or just look on the site I have provided below you will be able to find out all the info but its from some kind of plant… anyway the stuff is amazing! it is a blue/black ink so really has that real tattoo look to it, it won’t fade to the orangey brown look, I don’t like that colour, it will fade to a grey kinda colour and then just completely go!

Anyway I explain this all a little better in the video! I do a full hand tutorial in the video so you can see me actually doing it on myself rather then me just rambling on about it!

Here are some pics

me henn 3

me henn 1_edited-2

me henn 2



Jagua ink available from Amazon HERE

This is the website I was talking about which basically is the exact same thing as from amazon but they sell lots of good bits on here like the applicator bottle thing I use so you can buy everything from HERE if you prefer to shop all in one place!

Hope this helps!

If you love henna like this you really should give it ago it makes for a great girly night in! just be careful as I said you smudge this shit its there for a week! LOL

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