Ariana Grande half up hair using Bellami hair extensions

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New video for you : )

Sooo Im kinda in love with Ariana Grande right now, super sad I know but she is so cute!! and I LOVE her hair! she has like this signature look of the half up half down, almost like a ponytail from the front but the back is down, it makes your hair look super long!

Anyway so I found this pic, on her instagram of the look wavy/curled and fell in love so I have recreated this using my bellami’s. You could do the classic straight look also but I just liked this one soooo much!!

ariana hair


OK so first off its pretty tricky to do up styles with clip ins, you have to plan it ahead and position them different to the standard way you would as if you were wearing them down, I explain this in the video!

So here is the look I came up with, on reflection I wish I had put in more clip ins! it felt super super thick! but when I then compared it to hers! I felt I needed even more thickness, but I think the way I have done it is a little more wearable and not as dramatic so you can choose how thick you want it or if you have long thick hair already then lucky you! skip the clip in section and skip straight to the upness!

front ariana

slight side ariana

side ariana

side 2 ariana

See below for video tutorial on how to achieve the look

Hope you liked this look and I may not see you (through the lens) before Christmas so if I don’t then I hope you all have an AMAZING one, enjoy it, spend it with friends and family and eat lots of yummy food!




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How To – Cut and Dye (Ombre) Bellami Hair extensions – Lilly Hair

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So I just recently got some new Bellami Hair extensions, the Lilly Hair!! I was soooo excited to get these as had heard so many good things about them!! They definitely live up to the hype! they’re so soft and THICK and just AMAZING!!!

I got them in Chocolate Brown – which to be honest the colour was different to how I thought it would be, but I did want them to be lighter than my hair, as I like the Ombre look!

I have filmed a How To video for you below on how I cut and colour my extensions so they look as natural as poss!

Here are some pics of the extensions after I have cut and coloured them and for full video on how to achieve this look then see below

bellami cut and dye pic


Products Used

Bellami Lilly Hair – Chocolate Brown – HERE

The box colours I use are L’Oreal in Medium (500) and Dark (400) Brown.

If you have any questions at all please leave me a comment below and I will try and help you out : )

Thanks so much for viewing!



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