Easy Affordable hair extensions with KoKo couture

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HEY GUYS! MERRY CHRISTMAS EVE EVE!!! New video – Easy Affordable hair extensions with Koko couture.

You know I love my extensions Im always changing it up with them and you guys seem to love them too BUT I know a lot of you find the price tag a tad on the high side, which they are! SO Koko couture contacted me about their super affordable range, I tried them first and I was so pleasantly surprised at how amazing these looked for the price – £19.99!!!!


They are synthetic hair, which I would usually turn my nose up at! but I thought it had been so long since I had seen or felt any synthetic ones that I may as well see what they are like before I diss them! and they are definetly not like how I had imagined in my head! As you will see in the video below they are so quick and easy to clip in and the results speak for themselves!

If you are new to extensions or just want them for a special event or something these are for sure worth it.

They come in Straight or Curly, I thought I would prefer the straight but actually when they arrived I prefer the curly! On the website the curly looked a bit too curly for my liking but once I brushed them they went into these amazing glam waves.  You get 3 clip in wefts adding up to a massive 230g and 24″! pretty phenom!

Anyway I will leave you to watch the video so you can see these bad boys in action!



Curly – HERE

Straight – HERE

They have a ton of colours so you will be able to find your perfect match, the colour I am wearing is Champagne Blonde.

Hope you all have an amazing Christmas and I will see you on the other side!




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Beauty works extensions – 5 christmas party hairstyles!

5 hair

Hey guys!!! So I did one of these videos a while back and you guys loved it! so I thought I would do a Christmas edition! good idea of what?!? using my beautyworks extensions 5 Christmas party hairstyles!

I hope you find it helpful if you do wear extensions but also if you don’t and let me know which look is your fav!

The extensions I am wearing are BeautyWorks in the colour St Tropez which can be found HERE they have so many shades to choose from so you will be able to ind your perfect match!

You can also use my code TASHIE15 for 15% off!!!

Don’t forget to Tag me on Instagram @tashietinks or #tashietinks if you recreate any of these looks!

For the makeup worn in this video you can watch the tutorial on this look HERE!

Hope you like it!

Happy Thanks Giving!!



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Olaplex review and balayage colour


Hey Guys!! So a little hair Olaplex review and balayage colour update for you in kinda a vlog style video let me know if you want more VLOGS in the comments!

A lot of you don’t know as you only see my hair in photos or videos! BUT its very damaged and just hard to manage right now due to no ones fault but my own!

As you all know I not so long ago decided to bleach my own hair A LOT in just one day! as I said in that video… SILLY IDEA! but I did it and now I am paying for it! I needed the colour fixed as when it was growing out it was getting worse and worse due to the previous black colour still in my root area, so I knew it needed doing properly but I also was petrified my hair would literally be left in the basin! So i did loads of research into Olaplex after hearing so many good things about it, eventually I decided to go for it and get the olaplex treatment and sort out this colour!

So far I am super impressed with Olaplex it has done exactly what the hype is on about and my hair honestly feels so much better already! I can actually style it now! I will keep you updated probably on snapchat (@tashietinks) over the next few weeks with how I am finding it after a few washes etc!

To find the nearest salon to you to have it done check out their website UK or USA

The salon I went to if you’re in my area was Simon Webster and the guy who did my colour and treatment was Patrick Matthews.

Any other questions you have about this video, my experience or any products used let me know and I will get back to you!


Hope you found this video helpful!



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How to : Get Instagram worthy hair!

bun side_edited-1

Hey! So todays post is a How to: “Get Instagram worthy hair!”

By this I don’t mean you have to change your hair! I am going to show you a few little tips and tricks on how to edit your hair selfies!!!

Something fun for a miserable Monday!

In an ideal world we would all have amazing photographers, lighting and backdrops to follow us around capturing amazing hair shots! but unfortunately this is not reality and we have to work with what we have, all images in this post are just me sitting in front of my bedroom wall with my camera on my tripod!

OK so it’s really pretty simple and I have a few key points to tell you to get started and I will go into more detail in the photo descriptions!

One || More is MORE! The messier the better

Two || FaceTune is your friend, “In a good way”

Three || If in Doubt Black and White it out!

Four || The bigger the better!

Five || Keep it Clean.

Ok so now to put these into practice and tell you some more info!

(All images have a before and after – Left is original photo, no edit, colour change etc and then right obviously with the edits I suggest!)


bun blog before and after

Ok, so as I said point number one, always go a little messier then you would actually wear, in real life this bun was really pulled out and may not of lasted that long on a day out! But for the effect of it to show in a photo you have to push it that little bit further to capture the image.


down bac

Ok so point number two Facetune (the app) is your best friend! And no, not to smooth the hell out of your skin so you look like a wax work!

Facetune has this amazing option called “Detail” now you do have to have a light touch with this DO NOT just put it all over the image! you just use it to enhance the texture of the hair strands, I try and pick precise hair strands and also detail the highlights/shine in the hair, as you can see above!


fishtail back_edited-1

Ok so my tip for this next one, is probably one more for blondes which I have only recently learnt being a newbie blonde!

Sometimes the camera can pick up different tones in your hair, but not in a good way! i.e if you can see in the before image, there is one very Orange chunk of hair! which just doesn’t fit in! so if you love the hair shot but not the tones the lighting has captured, go for a moody black and white shot which will really enhance the hair style and texture as there is no colour distraction!


fishtail front

Keeping with the fishtail, this is the bigger is better rule!

When doing any style of braid not just a fishtail, I really believe the bigger the better, a skinny tight braid just doesn’t look that great! so really get in there and poof it out to widen the braid so the camera can really capture all that texture. (use detail tool in Facetune to highlight the braids texture)


bun side

Ok finally, Keep it Clean! for me this tip goes with all my Instagram photos (where possible) again using FaceTune!

FaceTune has this amazing tool (used in all images) which is Whiten! I do not use this for what it is technically meant to be used for, it is meant for whitening your teeth, eyes etc.. PLEASE don’t do this! it looks super fake and just weird! ANYWAY thats another story! I use it to, as you can see, whiten my background! I do this with most of my Instagram images as I like a clean white look to them but as you can see what a MASSIVE difference it makes! and its super easy to do you basically just choose whiten, and run your finger around the background!

SIDE NOTE – This will only work if your background is a light shade, my raw background was actually a pale grey wall.

SIDE SIDE NOTE – Obviously I have enlarged these images for you to see clearly what I am doing, Instagram is a lot smaller in image size, so the effects look more natural and amazing on there.

Ok so that is a few of my tips and tricks, I have done a full video on how I edit my instagram photos on my youtube channel HERE but if you would like one specifically on this let me know in the comments!

The app mentioned can be found in the iPhone app store – Facetune (I’m sure most of you have heard of it already!)

The hair extensions I wear (in all images) are Beauty Works – HERE

(use code TASHIE15 for 15% off)




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How I went from Black hair to Blonde hair!

before and after in_edited-1

Hey Guys!

I am so sorry I didn’t get this up last week as promised! it basically was finished last week and I went away on holiday but I left it uploading Wednesday but for some reason it had an error during upload so it didn’t publish for you! and I couldn’t do it while I was away! so sorry!


Here is EVERYTHING I did for my hair Transformation!

I had wanted to do this for a little while as I get super bored very quickly with my look! you know when you look in the mirror everyday and your just like urgh you again! (is that just me?..)

So first of all I asked you guys what you thought of my idea and I posted this photo on Instagram as my “INSPO” pics


(photo – Instagram – @tashietinks)

So this is the look I wanted, I wanted to keep really dark roots but have like beachy blonde hair you know?

So the majority of you said DO IT! like probably 95% there was only a few of you that had doubts so I did it!

Here is my before and after

before and after in_edited-1

I started off by doing the colour which I will leave everything I used listed at the bottom of this post including who did what as well!

My colour without the extensions looked like this

blonde henna

And then I went to have my Beauty Works LA weave fitted (all details listed at bottom of page)

Which transformed my look even more and I love it!

Below – Before and after extensions! What a difference!


Ok so I explain everything I did in the video so PRESS PLAY below for full video and then all products and info you need to know is below this!


L’Oreal Platine Bleach
40vol/12% peroxide
30vol/9% peroxide
Colorphlex (strenghting colour treatment similar to Olaplex) HERE
Toner – Affinage 12.2

Colour done by myself and one of my best friends Lee you can find her at
The little shop of Hair she’s amazing : )

BeautyWorks Weft St Tropez – HERE (Use code TASHIE15 for 15% off)

Fitted by Karl @Electric London – HERE
29 Thayer Street, London, W1U 2QW – 020 7935 0015

Right I think that is everything but if I have missed anything out let me know in the comments and I will let you know!

If you have any questions please let me know! and try this at your own risk!

One more thing! This is NOT good for your hair, you can’t do this and not expect it to get damaged in the process! all you can do is try and make it as least damaging as possible and always take your hairs health as first priority as at the end of the day there is no point having an amazing colour blonde but you have no hair left!

I used to be a hairdresser so I know quite a lot of info, if you don’t feel confident to do this yourself or have a drastic amount of black dye build up on your hair then go to a salon!!!

Thank you so much for viewing!

Don’t forget to follow me on instagram – @tashietinks
and also Snapchat is where you will see everything first! also @tashietinks




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How to: Ombre hair blue/grey

bellami blue flowers double

Hey Guys!

SO if you follow me on social media you would of seen that I recently dyed my hair!

I basically dyed it blue/black on top and then ombre in to a blue/grey colour see pic below

bellami blue hair two

This is the photo I put up on instagram and so many of you were asking what I used and how I did it, SO ya’ll ask, ya’ll shall receive!

I have made a video talking you through it and showing you how I did it as I thought this would be the easiest way to show and explain it!

Another couple of pics below from my recent trip to Cali and how I wore it, with flowers in my hair <3

Watch video below and see all products used with links were I can : )

bellami blue flowers double

blue hair



Bellami Lilly Hair – HERE

(use code TASHIE5)


Schwarzkopf Colour XXL HD 90 Cosmic Blue – HEREblue colour

I needed 3 x boxes!

The bleach I used was L’Oreal Platine with 9%/30vol

For the ends I used a mixture of Crazy colour in Silver and Violette and also some directions colour in silver and midnight blue!

I basically just mixed them all together with a blonde toner (L’Oreal 9.13)

You could skip the L’Oreal toner part and just use the crazy colours I just added it as my extensions came out pretty warm so just to help take some warmth away!

Crazy colours


Available at AMAZON

Directions colour


Available at AMAZON

Hope this was helpful, please leave me any questions below!




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Beauty works hair extensions!

BW blog cover

Heyy Guyss

Its almost the weekend!!!

SO I have a new video and post for you on some new hair extensions I am trying out.

The company is called Beauty Works – www.beautyworksonline.com – and they have sent me some hair extensions and products to try out! I was super excited as I have been looking for a UK based Hair supplier, as I know a lot of you based in UK don’t like the idea of buying things from USA as they can take a while to arrive plus you have import duty which bumps the price up!


I have filmed a video for you showing you the new hair and also 5! yes 5! ways to wear them! I get a lot of questions about how to wear clip ins, like up in ponytails etc, so I thought I will show you a few ways in one video so its all together and easy.

This is what Beauty Works sent me…

beauty works products_edited-1

I LOVE the packaging the extensions come in! The extensions they sent me are the Balayage by Jack Howard range 150g – 20″ and in the colour Brasilia.  They also sent me the aftercare for them, Shampoo and conditioner, deep mask treatment, heat protection spray and the hair serum.  All these products have argan oil and keratin in them and they really smell amazing!

They have lots of different options on the site to suit a lot of needs, from clip ins, half head pieces, individual bonds and they also have a large colour selection so you can find your perfect shade!

They were kind enough to also give me a discount code for you guys, so you can use the code


This will get you 15% off any order over £50!! pretty good eh!

So check them out HERE and find your perfect hair!

So here is the 5 looks I created for you


Let me know your fav! I think mine is 4 or 5… I think!

So PRESS PLAY below to watch full video on the hair and also how to create the 5 styles

Products used

Beautyworks hair – HERE

Heat protection spray – HERE

Serum – HERE

NuMe 32mm wand

Hope you liked it!




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I have a fringe…!! Kylie Hair Kouture

fringe blog cover

Hey Guys

Fashion post AND hair tutorial for you!

So as you can see by the title I now have a fringe!!! or do I….?

So its no secret that my fav hair ever is Bellami extensions! And they were nice enough to send me some new hair to transform my look, I was super bored!

The hair I received is the new Kylie Jenner range PLUS a Cleopatra Bang piece! LOVE!

The new Kylie Jenner range has the same amazing hair quality as all their clip ins, they are 180g and 20″ they have new technology,

INVISIWEFT – which makes them so comfortable and so hard to see and feel, they are a lot flatter to the head, if that makes sense, you will see in the video! You also get a cool Kylie Teal wet to dry brush with them – BONUS!

The Fringe is the Cleo Bangs, which can completely transform your look and image, I love it! it’s so easy to fit and really comfortable and secure.

All of these I got are in dark brown so no more ombre : )

I have done a fashion post for you on the new do and a video tutorial talking you through the extensions and showing you how to clip them in and style etc… Let me know what you think!!!

fringe blog ful lent lean

fringe blog

fringe blog full leanedit

blog fringe full

fringe blog face

fringe blog side lean

PRESS PLAY  BELOW for full video on how to create this look plus watch till the end for the fashion part!

What I’m wearing

Thigh high boots – River Island

Leather Leggings – River Island

Jumper – ASOS

Coat – Topshop

Bag – Chanel XL Boy


Bellami Kylie Hair Kouture – Dark Brown

Bellami Cleo Bangs – Dark Brown

Both from Bellamihair.com


(beginning of the video I am wearing my Lilly Hair in Chocolate brown)

Let me know what you thought of the look!

Thanks so much for viewing




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Ariana Grande half up hair using Bellami hair extensions

ariana blog cover


New video for you : )

Sooo Im kinda in love with Ariana Grande right now, super sad I know but she is so cute!! and I LOVE her hair! she has like this signature look of the half up half down, almost like a ponytail from the front but the back is down, it makes your hair look super long!

Anyway so I found this pic, on her instagram of the look wavy/curled and fell in love so I have recreated this using my bellami’s. You could do the classic straight look also but I just liked this one soooo much!!

ariana hair


OK so first off its pretty tricky to do up styles with clip ins, you have to plan it ahead and position them different to the standard way you would as if you were wearing them down, I explain this in the video!

So here is the look I came up with, on reflection I wish I had put in more clip ins! it felt super super thick! but when I then compared it to hers! I felt I needed even more thickness, but I think the way I have done it is a little more wearable and not as dramatic so you can choose how thick you want it or if you have long thick hair already then lucky you! skip the clip in section and skip straight to the upness!

front ariana

slight side ariana

side ariana

side 2 ariana

See below for video tutorial on how to achieve the look

Hope you liked this look and I may not see you (through the lens) before Christmas so if I don’t then I hope you all have an AMAZING one, enjoy it, spend it with friends and family and eat lots of yummy food!




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Hair Kandy – Weekend Recovery – PRODUCT REVIEW

hairkandy blog feature image

Hey there!

So Hairkandy.com got in touch about some new products they had coming out designed especially for hair extensions! I had been looking for a product/conditioning treatment for my extensions for a while as it always seems such a waste to just throw old ones to the back of my hair draw!

So I was super excited that they were sending me some of their WEEKEND RECOVERY TREATMENT to review!!

Feeling hopeful and excited at all the new extensions I would have after the product restored them!

My product bottles look a little yucky! but that is Mr Postmans fault! as they arrived to me with a leak! but if you have a look at the products on their website the packaging is very simple but nice and bright coloured.

The weekend recovery treatment I have reviewed is $39.95 (around £25) not cheap but not too expensive either and that is for 4fl oz of product, they describe the product as “A spa for your extensions!”

I have filmed a review video of me testing the product out, see below, and I must admit I was really impressed with it, my old extensions feel so much better, they’re not frizzy at all anymore and not getting as tangly! RESULT!

If you want to try it out here is the link to go buy, and they do ship to the UK also


hairjkandy productshairkandy before and after

As you can see in this before and after image the extensions are so soft and shiny after the treatment it made a huge difference to them!

Watch below full video on how to use the product and so you can see the results and my true honest reaction to it!

Any questions please do let me know!

Thanks so much for viewing!



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