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Hey there

New post for you, I got these Leather joggers a few weeks ago now from H&M and I really love them, they can be dressed up or down and I just think they look pretty cool! #ifidosaysomyself

In this look I have paired it with my AMAZING new courts from RIVER ISLAND – these are from the collection by phenom and fellow Fashion Blogger 5INCHANDUP go check out her blog HERE its amazing!

I have been looking for some nudey colour courts for a while and have been so close to buying the nude loubs on numerous occasions, but the fact is Loubs just don’t really fit my feet! I have square feet! haha yuck! but loubs are super super narrow and my chubby toes just can’t squeeze into them and if I go a size up, well then they just fall off the back! ANYHOO this post is not about loubs! These ones I got from Sandras collection for River Island are so amazing I actually prefer them, as they have a detailing on the front, a perfect heel height AND they are comfortable with a cushiony sole! LOVE

I have teamed the outfit with this white open back top and my Missguided black long duster coat

Hope you like the look and see below for all outfit details and links to buy!


leather joggers full length lean

leather jogs behind

leather joggers half feet and bag

leather jogs full

leather joggers face

leather jogs far away

leather jogs full front side

leather joggers walk

Outfit details

Trousers – H&M – HERE

Top – H&M

Duster coat – MISSGUIDED – HERE



Necklace – ZARA


Use code TASHIE5 for discount off Bellami – HERE

Lipgloss – Gerard Cosmetics – Wild Orchid (OBESSED!)

Use code TASHIE for discount of their site HERE

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How to get BIGGER lips!

bigger lips2

Hey Guys

So quick video for you on how to make your lips look fuller and plumper using make up only!

I have had lip injections/filler in the past, the last time I had it done was around 2/3 years ago and I have no product left in now, I’ve had it done like twice before and I would probably get it done again, maybe, but I just think that doing these make up tricks really does make such a difference! With lip fillers it is very risky IF you don’t research your doctor and go to someone who is highly skilled at what they do, Lip filler I believe is like an art, that sounds mad but it really is! I have had it done by 2 different people both Doctors I work with (I work for a cosmetic surgery company, if you didn’t know!) and both times were very different, both times I was happy with them, just different! lol But all i am saying is I am very open to people doing whatever they feel will help their confidence and feel better about themselves, even though I think no one NEEDS anything done everyone is beautiful in their own way BUT its a personal choice, if YOU don’t like something that much then change it….

It can be very scary getting something like this done, what if it goes wrong? what if people laugh at me? what if I have duck lips!? so I really can’t stress enough how important it is to find the right doctor for you and don’t go for cheap deals or ladies doing it at their homes! this is a nono! Do your research! know what product they are using, at the end of the day this is being injected into your body and is going to remain there for around 12 months!

If anyone is thinking of doing this or wants any advice please feel free to comment below or email me if you don’t fancy the world knowing! hehe

ANYWAY! that bit wasn’t meant to be that long! but it is something i am kinda passionate about!

So back to the NO INJECTIONS lip filler!

Make up can make a MAHOOSSIVE difference!

look at this before and after of mine from the video!

befroe and after lips

Seriously look how big and full they look! this is no effects, no retouching, no gadgets, no injections!

bigger lips

bigger lips2

Check out the video below to see how you too! can make your lips look fuller!

I used
Lip liner – MAC – Spice
Lipstick – Milani – Nude Creme
Gerard Cosmetics – Nude gloss – use code TASHIE for some £$£ off
Highlighter – TheBalm – Mary-lou minizer
Sleek bronzer as contour

I am also wearing my Bellami hair which I have custom cut get your Bellamis HERE and don’t forget to use code TASHIE5 for your discount!

Hope this was helpful!

PS – I def don’t do this everyday! haha

Thanks so much for viewing!



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Fall/Autumn Makeup Tutorial – Dark lip

dark lip blog cover


Here is a Fall/Autumn look for you with a really dark vampy fall like lip, hope you like it!

I think the eye look I do in this tutorial is perfect for a darker lip, it makes it look very chic and classy rather than too much if you have like a smokey eye and a dark lip, I mean, I would prob wear that as well because I love make up! haha but i think this has more style to it!

Hope you like it and recreate this look for a night out soon!

Here is what I used –


Primer – Smashbox photofinish pore minimising
Foundation – YSL touche elcat
Concealer – Mac prolongwear NW30
Under eye concealer – Nars radiant creamy – Custard
Mac prep and prime – Light boost
Mac skin finish – Light plus – to set
Cream highlighter – Gerard cosmetics BB illumination creme – Use code TASHIE for some money off the whole Gerard cosmetics site HERE
Contour – ELF duo
Bronzer – Milani baked bronzer
Blush – Peaches by Mac
Highlight – Mac skin finish – Global glow


Base – Mac Paint pot – Soft Orce
Mac skin finish Global glow all over lid
Gel eyeliner – inglot – Black
Urban Decay – Blackout
L’Oreal – Miss Manga Mascara
Lashes – Velour – Girl you crazy
ELF – Duo bronzer side

Maybelline – Brow Satin – Dark

Liner – Mac – Nightmoth
Lipstick – Milani – Sangria


Side french braid on front

Bellami hair – USE CODE TASHIE5 for some money off! HERE

Hope you liked it!!!
Thumbs up if you want a tutorial on this hair look!!

Thanks so much for viewing, please let m e know if you have any requests of videos you would like to see in the comments below or drop me an email if you would prefer : )


Thanks again




Color your smile – Gerard Cosmetics/Whitening Lightning Lip swatches

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Hey Guys

So the lovely Gerard Cosmetics/ Whitening Lightning team were lovely enough to send me over some more products of theirs! I already had some of their glosses and products so I knew I loved them so when they contacted me to send me some more I was like HELL YEH!!! : )

I have done a swatch video for you so you can see clearly all the colours and see which ones you like, I have also taken pics of them all below too!

If you haven’t seen these glosses before then I will just describe them to you now!

They are amazing! haha no but seriously! they’re lovely glosses with super pigmentation, one swipe and you get a dose of glossy colour to your lips.

They also have an LED light fitted to the applicator end and a mirror on the side of the bottle so even if its dark you get a perfect application!

You can see below the amazing range of colours they have and this is not even all of them!!

Prices for the individual lip glosses are $24 (thats roughly £15) but they do some great bundle offers too.

They were also lovely enough to give me a COUPON CODE so all of you can get some dollar off if you want them! amazing RIGHT!

So to shop you can visit GERARD COSMETICS OR WHITENING LIGHTNING and use code


to get 25% off the whole site!!!!!

Happy Shopping!

gerard all products bundle

all lipglosses

wild orchid


sugar mama


raspberry sherbet




butter cream







fall colours lips


LEFT – 1995


gerard lipsticks

gerard swatches

I hope you have found this helpful and please do watch the video below as well so you can see the colours in action!

Don’t forget your coupon code at the checkout for your 25% discount!


Thanks so much for viewing!



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