How to: Apply Lashes

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Hey Babes!

Hope you all had an amazing long easter weekend break!

Today I have put together a How To video on how I personally apply false eyelashes!

OK so this is def not the most professional or right way to do it! but I think with lashes its tricky and its best to find the way that you find easiest EVERYONE has there different way of doing it so I thought I would share with you my weird way of doing it and maybe, just maybe, you will fin this way easy too!

(its a little weird and different! don’t judge me!)

So the lashes I have shown you in the video and pics are my current favs, Velour Lashes, I don’t work with Velour so please don’t think this is a sponsored post or anything, I have bought these lashes myself and have a few pairs and have been using them for around a year now. I like them best as they are mink lashes which I like the look of the most and you can get so many wears out of one pair, so even though they are more pricey, you get your moneys worth with wear!

I will leave their link and info at the bottom and the ones I have and use.  Another good thing is even though they are an American brand, they now have a warehouse in the UK actually just up the road from me! so the shipping is way quick! yippee!!

SO ramble over! here is some pics of the lashes I used for the video which are the Girl you Crazy ones and then full video below that of how I applied them!

Here is how the Velour lashes come, NOTE – they DO NOT come with glue!

velour box

lashes close up looking down

lashes close up looking up

lashes close straight


lashes kiss close




Velour Lashes – Girl you Crazy – HERE


Gerard cosmetics – Grape Soda and Kimchi Doll – HERE

(use code TASHIE for 25% OFF!!)

Thanks for viewing!

See you Soon!!!




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Makeup Collection and storage!

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Heyyyaaaa Guys!

Its Friday EVE! : )

I have a new video up for you, a little different but its my makeup collection and how I store it etc…

I LOVE watching these videos personally as I am so into interior design which frustrates me as where I live now there is not enough space to have everything how I want it, so I kept putting off doing this video but then I thought well I can do one now and then do another one when its perfect!

So I hope you like it!

(pretty much all furniture in the video is Ikea!)


Thanks so much for viewing!



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4MUSIC Superstar Selfie – Ella Henderson

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Hey Guys!

Its Tuesday so its Superstar Selfie time!

This week I had the pleasure of creating Ella Hendersons make up look!

I loved how it came out and the hair!! I show you how I created the hair in this one too and I am obsessed with this new wavy technique I have been wearing it loads since!!

Here are some pics then see below for full video and products used!

ella henderson pic 4

ella hair

ella pic one_edited-1




Make up forever HD foundation – N128

Maybelline FIT me concealer – 10

Bare minerals concealer powder – Well rested

Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit

Milani Baked bronzer


Make up geek shadow – Bitten

Eyeko Liner – Black

Make up geek shadow – Corrupt

Bourjois Liquid eyeshadow – Shimmering shine

Black kohl liner

Mascara – L’Oreal Voluminous

Lashes – Velour Carlilash

Brows – Gerard cosmetics brow bar to go – Dark – HERE (use code TASHIE for 25% off)


Jordana – Tawny

Milani – Nude Creme

Maybelline nude gloss – 720


Beauty Works balayage extensions – Brazilia – HERE

USE CODE TASHIE15 for 15% your order!

Hope you liked the look!




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JLO Oscars 2015 makeup – Collab Jordan Bone

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Heyyy Guys!

Hope you are all well?

SO it was the 2015 Oscars on Sunday, I watched Obvs! And there were a few make up looks that I loved!

I put this pic up on Instagram of my favourite 4 to see which one you guys wanted to see…


It was a mixed response and all of them got requests but JLO was the most requested so that is what I have done for you!

I have done this video as a Collab with my girl Jordan Bone! SO this means you’re getting two for the price of one! She has done this amazing look of Margot Robbie!

Here are the pics of my look and hers and then see below for full video!

All products used are at the bottom!

jlo video start

jordan margot

Hope you enjoy both these looks!




Dior Star foundation – 031

Maybelline Fit me concealer – 10 and 30

Bareminerals concealer powder – Well rested

Anastasia beverly hills contour kit

Milani Baked Bronzer

Hourglass – Dim Light

Mac – Warm Soul

Mary lou manizer


Rimmel Kate Moss – Base pencil – Rose Gold

MeMeMe Blush on eyes – Coral

Mac pigment – Tan

Jordana liner – Almond

Maybelline master precise felt tip black liner

L’Oreal Voluminous mascara

HudaBeauty lashes – Samantha

Brows – Maybelline brow satin – Medium Brown


Sigma lip base pencil – Go Dutch

Mac – PleaseME

Gerard cosmetics – Butter Cream (use code TASHIE)

Thanks so much for viewing hope you like the look!




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Valentine’s Day Makeup – Evening Look

val day blog cover 3 lip

Heyyyy Loves

SO as Promised a second Valentine’s day Makeup look for you, this one is kinda Sexier I guess and more versatile, actually really simple and neutral colours so would suit everyone and then your choice of lip colour is endless!

I show you 3 options of lip colour but you could literally wear ANY colour with this look!

Here are some pics and the tutorial and then see below for all products used!

val day nude lip

val day pink lip

val red lip




YSL Touche Eclat foundation – BR60

Nars radiant creamy concealer – CUSTARD

Anastasia Contour kit

Becca – Opal highlighter

Sigma – Heavenly blush – HERE


Barry M Black Kohl liner

Makeup Geek Cocoa Bear

L’Oreal Voluminous mascara

Velour Lashes – Carlilash


Nude option

Mac – Stripdown and Mac – Velvet Teddy

Pink option

NYX – Fuchsia and NYX Matte Sweet Pink

Red option

Barry M red liner and Lime Crime – Red Velvet


Bellami Kylie Hair Kouture – Dark Brown HERE

(use code TASHIE5)

Hope you liked this look and let me know what lip option you like best!




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Valentine’s Day Makeup

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Hey Guyssss

So Valentine’s day is just around the corner, its next SATURDAY, for any guys reading this (doubtful!)

So here is my first of hopefully two makeup looks I have created for you for the special day!

To be honest I am not a fan of Val Day! Don’t get me wrong if I don’t get any flowers I will be having words! BUT that is all, I won’t be going out anywhere for dinner, I doubt, unless maybe with a group of friends of something, I just find it super cringe that you go to a restaurant and there is basically just S**t loads of tables for two jam-packed together so your basically eating a romantic meal with the couple next to you!


I am all about cute little gestures and I think personally it is a lot more romantic if like someone takes you some where different or they just surprise you with a homemade dinner for two and throw a few cheesy rose petals around! hehe

SO that was a long old ramble! on to the good stuff MAKEUP!

Here is some pics of the first look I created, this one is definitely more romantic, soft and pretty, something I NEVER do, I always wear dark eyeshadow never light so this was very different for me but I love how it turned out.

looking down val day look vidoe

val day full

valentines carlilash

PRESS PLAY below for full video tutorial on how to achieve this look.



YSL Touche Eclat foundation – BR60

Nars radiant creamy concealer – Custard

Cream Contour – Chanel – Bronze universel

Cream highlighter – Gerard cosmetics – BB Illumination creme (use code TASHIE for 25% off – HERE)

Setting powders – Anastasia Beverly Hills contour Kit

Highlighter – Becca Opal

Blush – Sigma Heavenly – HERE


Brows – Whitening lightning Brow bar to go – Dark – HERE (code TASHIE 25% off)

Mac pigment – Tan

Urban decay Vice 3 palette

Urban decay liner – Smog

Eyeko – Black Liner

L’Oreal voluminous mascara

Lashes – Carlilash by Velour


Mac – Please Me

Gerard cosmetics – Butter cream lipgloss – HERE (code Tashie for 25% off)


Bellami Lilly hair in Chocolate brown – HERE (code TASHIE5)

Hope you liked this make up look and have a great Valentine’s day whatever you do!




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4MUSIC Superstar selfie!

4music blog cover

Hey Guys!

So exciting things happened today!

4MUSIC asked me to create a Fifth Harmony makeup look for their channel and it has just gone up so please go check it out and show some support! : )

I have some pics here of the look I created and then below is the full 4music video so please watch, like, comment and share! HEHE

fh 2

fh look 1




Foundation – I mixed Makeup forever and EX1 together

Contour – Anastasia Beverly hills contour kit

Concealer – Maybelline The Eye Eraser – Light

Blush – Sigma – Heavenly – HERE

Highlighter – Becca – Opal


Liner – Inglot gel liner – Black

Makeup Geek shadows in Creme Brulee and Corrupt

Mascara – Loreal Miss Manga

Lashes – Velour – Girl you crazy


Jordana liner – Tawny

Gloss – Gerard cosmetics – Butter Cream – HERE (use code TASHIE for 25% off)

To watch all 4MUSICs #superstarselfies CLICK HERE

I hope you like the look guys!




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January Blue Monday blues!

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Hey Guyss

So I don’t know if its just me BUT I get terrible January blues, every year, same time and apparently today is Blue Monday a day that the media have decided to let us know its ok to be depressed on! ermmm NO how far is that going to get us if we actually say oh no don’t worry guys its Blue Monday, you are allowed to be down today! Like seriously what the F!


I was determined this year to NOT let this happen! its so stupid its just another day in another month so why do we get like this?! I think for me its just because like its another year passed where you most likely haven’t done everything you set out to do and its a time of reflection of your past year, so if you had hoped to achieve more than you did, then you are probably going to get a tad down in the dumps about it!

I do think its a good idea to look at your past year but this time I have tried to focus only on the things I HAVE done and my goals I HAVE achieved, this has definitely helped me a lil bit.  I am not going to lie to you and say I haven’t had a few down days this month so far but no where near as bad as usual! I have been trying to focus on this year coming and what I want to do! I bought myself a cool new diary (see pic below)

tashietinks dairy

How cool is this customised diary though! I want to be more organised and I think if you have cute things like this it makes you want to write in it! like when you buy new gym gear makes you go to the gym more, even if its only to walk around the gym showing off your new kicks, you still made it to the gym and that my friends is a step in the right direction!

Anyway so to keep me busy and take inspiration from my January blues in a positive way I have made it in to a make up look! haha

Here I have used myVice 3 palette I got for christmas by Urban Decay – it has some AMAZING shadows in it but this matte navy blue caught my eye so the look started with this colour! Paired with some new Lashes by HUDABEAUTY which i also got for Christmas!

Here are some pics and then see video below : )

PS if you have any video requests please let me know what you would like to see!

navy eyes 2

navy eyes 4


HudaBeauty lashes in Claudia

Below is the full video tutorial on how I created this look



Best Damn beauty – Facial Spray

Smashbox Pore minimising primer

EX1 inviswear foundation – F300 – HERE

LA Girl Pro concealer – Creamy Beige

Anastasia beverly hills contour kit

Highlighter – Mary-Lou Manizer by TheBalm

Blush – Nars Orgasm


Mac paint pot – Soft Ochre

NYX jumbo pencil Black Bean

Urban Decay Vice 3 palette

L’Oreal Miss Manga mascara

HudaBeauty lashes in Claudia

Brows – Whitening Lightning Brow bar to go – Use code TASHIE for 25% off HERE


Mac Soar liner

Mac – Please me

Gloss – LA Girl Glazed paint – Elude


Bellami Lilly Hair in chocolate brown – Use code TASHIE5 for $5 off your order HERE

I hope you liked this look and please let me know of any videos you would like to request in the comments bar or drop me an email! : )




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2014 Beauty favs!

blog post 2014 favs cover


So this is a little late BUT here is a video of me talking about my favourite beauty products from 2014!!

Its a loooong ass video so grab a brew and enjoy!

I hope it gives you some new product ideas to try : )

Happy Shopping!

2014 fav collage

Below the video is all products mentioned info


Smashbox photo finish pore minimising – HERE

NYX Shine Killer – HERE


L’Oreal True match – HERE

EX1 invisiwear – HERE

Makeup forever HD – HERE

Dior Star – HERE


Nars radiant creamy – Custard – HERE

Maybelline age rewind – Light – HERE


Makeup forever HD powder – HERE

Anastasia beverly hills contour kit – HERE

Milani baked bronzer – HERE

E.L.F Duo – HERE


TheBalm Mary lou manizer – HERE

Becca – Opal – HERE


Milani – Coralina and Luminiso – HERE

Sigma Heavenly – HERE


MakeupGeek – HERE

Sleek palettes – HERE


L’Oreal Miss Manga – HERE


Velour – Girl you Crazy – HERE


Gerard cosmetics/whitening lightning Brow bar to go – HERE (use code TASHIE for 25% off)


MAC – Please me – HERE

MAC liner – Soar – HERE

Gerard cosmetics 1995 – HERE (use code TASHIE for 25% off)

Gerard cosmetics gloss – Butter Cream – HERE (use code TASHIE for 25% off)

Milani – Nude creme – HERE

Sigma – Indulgent lip base – HERE

NYX butter gloss – Tiramisu – HERE

NYX matte lipstick – Indie Flick – HERE

WOW that was a lot of products!!!

Thanks so much for viewing!




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New Years Eve Make up Look

nye blog cover_edited-1

Heyyyy Guyss

Hope you all had an AMAZING Christmas!

So New Years Eve is round the corner so thought I would give you a make up look idea if you have a big party to go to or you just fancy getting glam for NYE!

When I think of NYE I think glitter! Gold Glitter! So I have gone for it with a dark black smokey eye and then a pop of gold glitter on the lower lash line : )

I love how it turned out and gives a little twist to your standard smokey eye, hope you like it!

Below is some images of the look and then the video tutorial on how you can achieve it is below with full list of products used.

nye video cover

close up nye

nye makeup 3

AND this is what happens when I get bored of taking selfie shots for my video covers!

4 funny faces


OK so here is the full video press play below and then full products are below it



Illamasqua skin base lift concealer – Light 1

Dior Star foundation- 031

Nars radiant creamy concealer – Custard

Mac prep and prime – Light boost

Nars concealer – Dark

Anastasia beverly hills contour kit

Sigma blush – Heavenly

Becca highlight – Opal


NYX jumbo pencil – Black bean

Makeup geek shadows – Frappe, Cocoa bear, Corrupt

Mac – Shroom

Maybelline liner – Oriental gold

Urban decay 24/7 liner – Black

2True loose gold glitter

L’Oreal Miss Manga Mascara

Tanya Burr Lashes – Girls night out

Gerard cosmetics brow bar to go – Dark


Sigma lip base pencil – Indulgent

Gerard cosmetics – Butter Cream – Use code TASHIE for 25% off HERE


SIGMA (my fav brushes)

3D HD Kabuki

Large angled contour – F40

Tapered blending – E40

diffused crease – E38

eye shading – E55

concealer – F70

Shop all these brushes HERE

Also used

Real Techniques duo fibre brushes

Sephora Fan brush

E.L.F Blush brush


Bellami Lilly Hair – HERE

Use code TASHIE5 at checkout for discount

I curled them using my NuMe 32mm wand the same way I did in my Victorias secret fashion show hair tutorial HERE

I hope you liked this guys and I will see you next year!!!




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