How To – Winged Liner

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Heyyyy Guys!

So I little makeup tutorial for you today… I have a video on how I do my Winged Liner… This isn’t to say this is the right way to do it as I personally don’t think there is a right or wrong way, everyone does it differently and I have seen some crazy ways in the past! But its just about finding the easiest way for you!

The way I have shown you is how I do it most of the time, however, if I know I am doing a dramatic wing and eyeshadow look I sometimes use the tape method.  I have shown you this before in previous videos but basically this method consists of apply any kind of tape, I use cello tape, on the edge of your eye in your wing shape, doing this means you can apply your eyeshadow and liner straight over the tape without worrying about the shape and then simply remove it at the end to reveal a perfect sharp wing! I have done this a few times in my videos but if you would like a tutorial on this method then let me know!

Back to how I do it most often!

I unfortunately don’t have any super new tips for you, the only big life changer I found was to use gel liner (my fav is Inglot) and then also go over it with a liquid liner to really perfect and get that liner on fleek! so sharp it will cut you.. hehe

Choosing the right brush is also super super important! I find it easiest with a small detailer brush, I think this is because I do a lot of Art so it feels like a paint brush to me! So with my Sigma E05 liner brush I am ready to draw on my war paint!

Some people prefer a small angled brush, I personally don’t but again this is personal preference.

Here are some pics of the look but watch below my full tutorial on how I do it as I think it is much easier to watch me do it then me tell you how I do it!!

Hope it gives you some tips!

winged liner tut_edited-1

winged liner rightg

winged liner tut




EX1 foundation F300

LA Girl concealer – Light Beige

Kat Von D Shade to light Palette

Makeup Forever Pro bronzer – M30

Becca – Opal

Sigma Heavenly blush


Makeup Geek Cocoa Bearin crease

MAC Pro longwear concealer – NW30

Inglot Gel Liner – Black

Kat Von D liquid liner – Black

Huda Beauty Lashes – Giselle

Brows – Benefit BrowZing – Dark


I am wearing my Grey Ombre BeautyWorks extensions – HERE

(USE CODE – TASHIE15 for 15% OFF)

Hope it helps any questions let me know!




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How I Edit my Instagram photos and how to take the perfect selfie!

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Hey Guys!

So a couple of days ago I put up a video for you on how I edit my Instagram photos, what apps I use, what camera etc…

I have had so many messages and questions asking for more info and just general further questions about it so I thought I would break it all down for you in a little post!


First of all I take probably 95% of the images on my Instagram feed with my iphone6! the camera on this phone is so good!

The rest (5%) I take with my Canon 60D, these are mainly the fashion images, which are on location.

The absolute main tip I can give anyone with taking selfies or any kinda of photo and my number one priority, anyone who knows me personally knows this already as I scream GREAT LIGHTING when I find it! LOL

yes thats it LIGHTING!!!!

This literally makes SO much difference to your photos! I know this isn’t anything new or a ground breaking find by me! But some people don’t realise what lighting can do!

Natural light is the BEST if you have a bright window in your room then stand in front of it so you’re facing the window, and snap away, this lighting is so perfect! Example in front of a window below, the left with no change just the original raw image and the right is brightening the photo through the Enlight app on my iPhone, using Vivid and Sharpen.

(both images untouched apart from lighting)

window selfie before and after_edited-1

Another great, yet slightly embarrasing, place to take selfies, is Car Selfies! You are surrounded by windows so unless your parked in some dark back alley, you’re going to get some good lighting! I often take mine when Pete is driving so then you can see when you hit the good light zone!

Example below (untouched)

car selfie

A lot of my makeup photos are taken with my professional ring light, hence why you will notice in a lot of them you can actually see a ring in my eyes! this means I am filming or shooting makeup pics, this light is amazing at picking up all the details in your makeup and creates a clean crisp image with no harsh shadows, I love it! but they are not cheap so unless you’re a blogger/youtuber I wouldn’t invest for your everyday selfies, unless of course you are a selfie queen and constantly striving for that perfect instaselfie!

Example below, Left is raw image with ring light no edit, right is how I would edit for post.

(taken on iphone6)

ring light selfie _edited-1

As you can see I edit mainly the centre of my face just to smooth it out and perfect it for a post! I show you how to do this in the video! but as you can see this light is amazing! and you could easily post the original I am just a perfectionist!

Another massive thing to think about when trying to achieve the perfect selfie is angles, KNOW YOUR ANGLES! Everyone has that perfect angle for your own face that just works! You want to highlight and draw the attention of your selfie viewer to your favourite part of your face and distract away from the parts that maybe you’re not so keen on.  For example, if you have a slight double chin don’t take a photo lower then eye contact! This will emphasise it.

The last part that people always ask me how to do is when you have the same image, but doubled and mirrored, I do this A LOT, usually because I want to get all my hair in but don’t want a white background or blurred background, it also works really well for full length fashion shots. So I do this using PicFrame, and I show you how to do it in the video!


lulus jumpsuit double full len

kylie iphone double

If you do want it more like this image below with the blurred background,  I do this using Enlight, I also show you that in the video!


There is more info in the video on how I use the apps, I show you from start to finish what I do from selfie to Instagram post using the above image!









Hope this post was helpful, or even just interesting to see what I do!

If you want any more posts like this, i.e how I make instavideos or anything let me know!

Oh an obvs don’t forget to follow me on Instagram after all these tips I have given you ; )




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Purple Lip trend!


Heyyyy Guys!

Its almost the weekend! Its Friday EVE!! woop!

SO basically I am kinda obsessed with purple lipstick so I have made a video for you showing you my current fav purple lipsticks! makes sense right!

I know its a little crazy how can one girl have sooo many purple lipsticks, nudes I could understand but purple…??

I just really love purple lips, I think because I’m not really a red lippie kinda girl and I’m not a girly girl particularly, so I don’t really love pinks either so purple is my chosen obsession.

Here is a pic of all the lip options and then the full video below that will show you how I did my make up plus the try ons and my thoughts on all the options! Some of them show up more pink in the pics but are definitely purple!

I have a discount code for some of them so will leave them below!





Makeup forever primer in number 2 smoothing

YSL touché Elcat foundation (BR60) mixed with Bourjois BB bronzing primer

Tarte creaseless concealer – Light Sand

Makeup forever HD powder

KatVonD shade to light palette

Anastasia beverly hills contour kit

Bobbi Brown Copper Diamond highlight

Becca blush Flowerchild

Mac fix+ spray


Mac Shroom

Makeup geek Creme brûlée and cocoa bear

NYC black liquid liner

Toofaced better than sex mascara

HudaBeauty lashes – Samantha

Jordana pencil Almond

Brows – Browbar to go – Dark – HERE (code TASHIE)


1 – Revlon Matte Balm – Shameless

2 – Gerard cosmetics gloss – Wild Orchid – HERE (use code TASHIE)

3 – Mac Heroine

4 – Sephora – Polished purple

5 – Gerard cosmetics – Grape Soda

6 – Gerard cosmetics Grape soda AND Kimchi Doll

You can use a new code TASHIE2PK to get two lippies from them for $20! (around £13!!!)


That is everything

Hope you liked the video!



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4MUSIC – Beyonce makeup and hair

beyonce blog cover

Its Tuesday the Sun is shining and this look couldn’t be more perfect for this weather!

This weeks Superstar Selfie is Queen B – Beyonce!

I have gone for a super glowy bronzed look with beachy messy hair!

Hope you like it!

beyonce full

beyonce pic




Foundation – YSL touche éclat

Concealer – Tarte creaseless concealer – Light Sand

Kat von D contour kit

Sleek luminous powder – 04

Milani baked bronzer

Becca blush – Flowerchild

Highlight – Bobbi Brown – Copper Diamond


Barbara Daly shadow stick – Bronze/gold

Bobbi Brown – Copper Diamond

Makeup geek – Cocoa Bear

Kat von D liquid liner

Benefit – Rollerlash – HERE

Brows – Gerard cosmetics – brow bar to go – dark – HERE (code TASHIE for 25% off!)


Barbara Daly nude berry liner

Buxom gloss – Bellini


BeautyWorks extensions in Brazilia HERE

(USE CODE TASHIE15 for 15% OFF!)

GHD flat irons original to style – HERE

Hope you like it!

Leave me any requests below!




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How to get your highlight and contour on POINT!

hc beaf hand

Hey guys!!

Happy Sunday!

Hope you’re all having a lovely chilled out Sunday…

So I have a new video for you on my updated highlight and contour techniques etc, I get asked SO MUCH about contouring! its actually insane!  and a lot of you have been so nice recently in complimenting me on how I do it! SO I thought I can’t keep all my tips and tricks to myself!


SO I have done a full video on how I do it, using creams AND powders and I mention all my fav products to use as well! so its a fairly long video so grab a brew and lets go!

Here are some pics of the finished look as well as the difference between doing it and not doing it! (I did half my face contoured and half not, the difference is UNBELIEVABLE!)


This is unedited, no filter, nothing just screenshot from the video!

hc before and after

SERIOUSLY!!! Is that difference not just INSANE!


Here are some more pics then video and all products below!

hc side

hc conoutr front

hc cont side left



LA Girl – Pro conceal – Creamy Beige

Maybelline FIT me concealer – 30 (contour)

Bare minerals – Well rested powder

ABH contour Kit

Sigma Heavenly blush – HERE – use code SIGMASPRING 10%off (only few days left)

Becca Opal highlight



Nars radiant creamy concealer – Custard

Maybelline FIT me  – 10

Maybelline The eye eraser – Light

Cream contours

Nars concealer stick – Dark

Powder Contour

NYX Taupe blush

Mac Sculpt powder

ELF bronzer/blush DUO

Hope you liked this video and post!

ANY questions let me know!

May all your contours be on point!




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Drugstore Makeup look!

drugstore blog cover


Told you I would see you very soon!

So I have done this high requested video for you, for quite a while you guys have been asking for a complete drugstore makeup look, so I finally did it and here it is!

I love how it came out and I love drugstore make up, I have a really mixture or high end and drugstore makeup but a lot of my fav products are drugstore so this video was easy for me to do, not sure why it took me so long to film!

Here are some pics of the look and then see below for full video tutorial and ALL PRODUCTS USED!

drugstore 4 pics

drugstore cam looking down

drugstore face iphone_edited-1

drugstore cam full front

drugstore cam eyes shut kiss




L’Oreal – Skin perfection magic touch instant blur

L’Oreal True Match Foundation – W7

Maybelline FIT me concealers – 10 and 30

Barbara Daly – Translucent super sheer powder

NYX – Blush – Taupe (as contour shade)

Sleek Luminous powder – 04

Milani blush – Luminoso

MeMeMe – Gold liquid highlighter

NYX setting spray – Dewy Finish


Brows – Maybelline brow satin – Medium Brown

Rimmel 5 shadow set in Brixton Brown (AMAZING)

Rimmel black liquid liner

L’Oreal voluminous mascara

Eylure texture lashes – 154

Jordana pencil – Almond


Barbara Daly liner – Nude Berry

Bourjois velvet lips – Nudist

Sleek Matte Me – Petal (center of lips)

The Hair I am wearing in this video is my Bellami Lilly hair available HERE and use code TASHIE5

Top – Topshop

Hope you liked the look any questions let me know!




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Makeup Collection and storage!

makeupcoll blog cover

Heyyyaaaa Guys!

Its Friday EVE! : )

I have a new video up for you, a little different but its my makeup collection and how I store it etc…

I LOVE watching these videos personally as I am so into interior design which frustrates me as where I live now there is not enough space to have everything how I want it, so I kept putting off doing this video but then I thought well I can do one now and then do another one when its perfect!

So I hope you like it!

(pretty much all furniture in the video is Ikea!)


Thanks so much for viewing!



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Happy 1st Birthday


Hey Guys!!!


Today is a special monday! as it marks 1st Birthday!!!! <3

I cannot actually believe it has been one whole year already! It has literally flown by!

I just wanted to say a little thank you to everyone who visits my blog and youtube channel, My Youtube I didn’t start till mid April so I will have something special for you then as well but as I was so nervous to start this whole thing in the first place I found a blog an easier way to get started but quickly realised I needed to do youtube as well!

I have put together for you today, just some of my personal fav pics or posts that I have put up over the last year so hope you like it!

And again a massive thank you to everyone who has supported me through my little journey in the blogging world!

This first pic was my first EVER blogging shot! Thanks to my Mumma bear!

more issues cover

Below is some of my fav outfits I have shot and I have just learnt about myself – I like to lean! LOL

5 lean

As well as fashion I have given you a hell of a lot of Makeup and beauty, it’s no secret I am a self confessed makeup addict!

Here are some of my fav make up looks I have done over the past year.

Kim Kardashian look using brown contacts.

kim k brown and blue face

This Red/Orange lip look with Orelia Jewellery I still love!

orelia rings

Dramatic Cheryl Cole Look from XFactor.

cheryl two

Christmas makeup love.

xmas make up 2

This one from my how to make blue eyes pop, using copper tones.

coppercraze covershot

Valentines Day Look

valentines carlilash

I have done so many hair tutorials for you but my highlight has to be working with Bellami Hair.

bellami collage_edited-1

When 4Music approached me to do videos for their channel!

4music collage

That is just a few of my highlights! the post kept getting longer and longer as I forget some things I have done until I look back! lol but there is a few!

Again thank you for viewing everything I put up it really means the world, I like to stay true to myself and like to think I have my own personal style, sometimes its easy to see other people and feel you need to change but you don’t! Its great to look at others for inspiration but stay true to yourself and wear whatever the hell you want!

I just hope I give you some inspo as I love looking at others for inspo, so if any of you have any blogs you think I will like then please leave them below!

Thanks again and hope you all have a great week!




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4MUSIC Superstar Selfie – Ella Henderson

ella 4music blog cover

Hey Guys!

Its Tuesday so its Superstar Selfie time!

This week I had the pleasure of creating Ella Hendersons make up look!

I loved how it came out and the hair!! I show you how I created the hair in this one too and I am obsessed with this new wavy technique I have been wearing it loads since!!

Here are some pics then see below for full video and products used!

ella henderson pic 4

ella hair

ella pic one_edited-1




Make up forever HD foundation – N128

Maybelline FIT me concealer – 10

Bare minerals concealer powder – Well rested

Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit

Milani Baked bronzer


Make up geek shadow – Bitten

Eyeko Liner – Black

Make up geek shadow – Corrupt

Bourjois Liquid eyeshadow – Shimmering shine

Black kohl liner

Mascara – L’Oreal Voluminous

Lashes – Velour Carlilash

Brows – Gerard cosmetics brow bar to go – Dark – HERE (use code TASHIE for 25% off)


Jordana – Tawny

Milani – Nude Creme

Maybelline nude gloss – 720


Beauty Works balayage extensions – Brazilia – HERE

USE CODE TASHIE15 for 15% your order!

Hope you liked the look!




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My fav makeup brushes!

brushes blog cover

Hey Guys!


SO a lot of people ask me what my fav makeup brushes are and the ones I use most often etc, so I thought I would try to give you a helpful post on what these are and essential brushes for me!

Brushes make ALL the difference in makeup application and finish, like I can’t even tell you how important the right brush is!


Starting with face brushes…

Foundation application

I have a few of these and I change a lot depending on what sort of look I am doing.

My top favs are

Light/natural coverage – Sigma Stippling brush

Medium/Full Coverage – Real Techniques Buffing brush

Flawless/Airbrushed – Real Techniques Miracle complexion sponge



What I tend to do with concealer, if you have watched any of my makeup tutorials you will know already, but I basically apply my concealer and use my fingers to TAP it in, not rub but TAP!

Once I have tapped the majority in, I do go in with a brush!

This would be either

E.L.F small stippling brush

Sigma Tapered Kabuki – F86 (LOVE)

concealer brush

Cream contour

I Love a cream contour and the perfect brush for this is essential!

my fav right now is the

Sigma 3D Kabuki

3d kabuki 3 angels

I tried to get a few angles so you could see what I am talking about!

This can also be used for foundation but for contour for me it’s amazing! It has buffering action but because of the sharp angled edges it gives you a flawless contour so effortlessly!


Probably the most wanted brushes and I am always on the quest for the perfect contour brush!

If you’re looking for a sharp defined contour I would use my

Mac contour brush – 163

Everyday I use my

E.L.F – Blush brush

contour brushs


Sigma large angled contour – F40

E.L.F – Small tapered brush

blush brushes_edited-1


Sephora – Fan Brush

E.L.F – Small tapered brush

hightight brushes


I could go into so much detail with this but this post would be ridic long! so I will just tell you my absolute essentials!

MAC – 217


Tapered Blending – E40

Eye Shading – E5

Large Shader – E60

Diffused crease – E38

Concealer – F70 – I use this for brow highlight

Real techniques – Base shadow brush

(Pictured below in list order bottom to top – just to be awkward!)

eye brushes_edited-1

OK that is A LOT of eye brushes! but seriously if you want to get amazing flawless looking blended eyeshadow then the right brush is super important! they do great sets on Sigma like this one HERE and they are not cheap but so worth the investment, they last forever and wash up great! If I had to choose one brush brand it would be Sigma, hence why I have chosen to work with them! I only want to work with brands I genuinely LOVE and used before I worked with them, you know!? You can shop all Sigma Brushes HERE


I think that is all the ones I am going to talk about today but I feel I covered A LOT, hopefully this was helpful!

Let me know if you would like more info or have any questions, and also let me know if you would like to see a video on how I clean my brushes…..? I get asked this a lot so let me know if that’s something you would like to see!

Thanks so much for viewing and thank you if you made it all the way down to here!




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